Terms & Conditions of Trade

Professional Car Detailing - Finesse car care

Terms and conditions of trade are subject to conditional change at the discretion of Finesse Car Care, and /or its service providers. All Service standards are set by Finesse Car Care, and carried out by the service provider, in accordance with our company policies. Client must provide safe and suitable working environment for the service provider – with access to power and water within 30m of service area, at no expense to Finesse Car Care

Provision of work area in a commercial application is in compliance with reasonable health and safety, management and body corporate regulations.professional car detailing

Finesse Car Care will not be responsible for any accidental personal injury incurred by service provider, public persons or client during or after the service is provided.

Finesse Car Care and its service providers will not be responsible for power loss or surge that may occur at time of service. The client will be responsible for the charges for all or part of service provided if the service is unable to be completed in such circumstance. Finesse Car Care and its service providers will not be responsible for vehicle damage, or property theft that may occur at the vehicle location after the service is completed and the service provider has provided the vehicle keys and/ or the invoice to the customer. The service provider reserves the right to decline a service if the workload for the service is considered to be in excess of that stated by client at time of booking, or notify client of additional service requirements and additional charges if applicable and with time permitting to be completed on the day or rescheduled at a later date.

The service provider may decline a service if the vehicle is considered unsafe or unhealthy for the service provider, or a suitable working environment cannot be provided to complete service effectively. The client must advise of any circumstances that may affect the efficiency for the service provider to perform the tasks outlined in the service description within the allocated time. Additional charges may apply if the service is delayed due to these circumstances.