Car detailing to protect your car


Luxury Car Detailing

Stand out with your luxury car

Car Restoration Detailing

Preserve and protect your piece of history

Everyday Car Detailing

Keep your everyday car showroom ready

Car Interior Detailing

A thorough interior car detail sanitizes your car

What is car detailing?


Detailing a car goes beyond a good wash and vacuum to get rid of the dirt. An professional car detailer will clean and protect your car both inside and out. They will clean every single nook, corner and panel so that it looks brand new. Speciality products are used to give your car a level of protection that goes beyond just a cleaner car. Professional car detailers will use ceramic coverings to protect your paint work on the exterior whilst using speciality leather cleaner for that soft leather touch on your seats and interior of your car. The products that are used are specifically designed to clean as well as protect. One of the best opportunities from having your car regularly detailed is the resale value- buyers notice a well maintained car.

Interior Detailing:

The interior of your car is just as hard working as the exterior- we can do a thorough vacuum and steam clean carpets/mats, fully protect your leather seats and finishes, deodorising and removing any dirt from all interior areas from the dash to the boot.

Exterior Detailing:

The exterior of your car is exposed to a wide range of factors from weather to road conditions and don’t forget shopping trolleys (they are a nightmare for all detailers). We will not only wash and clean your cars exterior we will also clay, polish, and seal your exterior for best results. For extra protection we can apply a cermaic coating to provide a protective layer to minimise any further paint chips and protect the colour of your car from the harsh Australian environment.