Revivify Ultra Pro

Revivify Ultra Pro

Revivify Self Heal Nano Coating. An advanced nano coatings company. Formulated and designed for Professionals.

Redefining the automotive paint protection industry, REVIVIFY's cutting-edge, start of the art technology offers what others can only dream of.

Specially formulated, a single layer will be sufficient to bring out the best results – ultra gloss, ultra slick, ultra hardness, ultra hydrophobic. It also has superior protection against corrosion, oxidation, graffiti, bird droppings, tree sap, and any other contaminants or deposits from the atmosphere.

Self Heal will be activated via any type of heat source (ie. Sun, hot water, hot air, etc). There’s no limit on how many times the coating can restore itself back to the original appearance and protective characteristics.

Why Revivify Beats Other Coatings

  • self healing
  • superior hydrophobic properties
  • phenomenal gloss and shine
  • exceptional chemical resistance
  • extreme UV properties

Restore your vehicle to perfection and looking like Day 1 all the time.

We can combine a full detail with our paint protection service to really finish off and protect your car- you will be surprised how good your car can look, thanks to Finesse Car Care.

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