Rejuvenating classic cars

Rejuvenating classic cars

Bring your classic car back to original showroom condition

If you are an avid car enthusiast and enjoy the challenge of restoring historical, vintage cars, Finesse Car Care will ensure that your prized possession is protected. We take the time to carefully bring your vintage car back to life with our full detail.

We can take your tired looking classic car and restore it back to its glory days, as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. Your classic car has seen years of dirt, grime and gunk that a normal wash just can’t get out. The paint has oxidised and therefore needs rejuvenation. Using our specifically designed products, we take your classic car from looking tired and drab to a high-end finish that will leave you falling in love with it all over again.

How we can rejuvenate your classic car

The exterior treatment

  • Remove all bug and tar spots
  • Clean and polish exhaust tips
  • Your car is hand washed with pH neutral shampoo, including:
    • door jambs
    • wheel guards
    • engine bay
  • Wheels and rims are washed with a pH neutral shampoo
  • The whole exterior is wiped down using 100% microfiber cloths
  • Door jambs are washed and rinsed
  • Clay Bar all exterior paint
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned and rejuvenated
  • The whole exterior undergoes:
    •  Stage 1 to 3 paint correction
    •  Polish to rid light swirl marks, light oxidation and scratches

The interior treatment

  • Vacuum and steam clean full interior including the boot and all compartments
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console, driver pedals, visors and pillars
  • Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo
  • Cracks, crevices and hard to reach areas are cleaned with an air-steam gun
  • All interior rubber seals and plastics are cleaned, prepped and rejuvenated
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned
  • Leather cleaned, conditioned and fed
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