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This Package is a Yearly Package that maintains your vehicle. As Poor washing techniques adopted by local shopping centers and franchise systems contribute to cross-contamination of dirty water, this allows easy “etching” or scratching, and thus, light swirl marks and light scratches appear, and whilst not evident in the shade, these are evident in the sunlight, and thus, “Glare” is noticeable where the reflection of sun-light is noticeable all over each panel, rather the one focal point. This package brings paint-work back a level to rid these slight defects, it is also complimented with a full interior detail which nothing is spared. Call Finesse Car Care mobile detailing today.

  • Remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips
  • Car is hand washed with pH neutral shampoo including door jambs, wheel guards, engine bay
  • Wheels/rims are cleaned with a pH neutral shampoo
  • Wipe down 100% microfiber cloths
  • Door jams are washed and rinsed
  • Clay Bar all exterior paint
  • Exterior undergoes a Stage 1 & 2 paint correction & polish to rid light swirl marks, light oxidation & scratches
  • Vacuum full interior including boot & all compartments
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console driver pedals, visors and pillars
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console driver pedals, visors and pillars
  • Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo
  • Optional - Leather cleaned, conditioned & fed
  • Cracks, crevices &hard to reach areas are cleaned with a air-steam gun
  • Interior, rubber seals & plastics are cleaned, prepped & rejuvenated
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned
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